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Contract number


Featuring on the following surgery

(0000) Surgery Name

Advert size

Standard Plus (65x46mm)

Are you providing print-ready artwork?

If so, please ensure the design is created to the exact size as noted above. We print at 300dpi and in CMYK colours. We will only accept your completed artwork in PDF or JPG format.

Please quote your contract number when uploading your artwork

In order for us to design your advert we need to know what it is you want to include on the design itself. Please complete the form below and once we have received the completed form we will then design your advert for you.

Once the design has been done, we will email a proof to you.

Thanks! We will contact you shortly

Do you have a logo?

If you do have a digital copy of a logo then you can send it to us. Please ensure the logo is either a PDF or JPG and quote your contract agreement number.

If we are not informed what details you require on your advert, we will design a suitable advert for you using the details we have for you, whether these details are taken from your website, social media page or other online sources we will design and print your advert without sending you a proof.

If for whatever reason you fail to submit your artwork within this time-frame we can always change the design of your advert for future print runs.

Please note: If and when we receive your artwork, we will send you a proof to your email address that you used to submit your artwork with.

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